Full Text Search

OpenDiscover is a search engine for your enterprise. Full text searching from within documents, email and spreadsheets is possible. Searching is instantaneous and supports “advanced” searching with configurable search parameters. You can even preview documents from within your web browser. For a list of all supported file types, click here.


OCR Documents

Unlock the data kept in PDF’s and images. OpenDiscover supports full Optical Character Recognition, which enables text searching of data kept in scanned documents and images. No more relying on appropriate document naming!


Massive Scalability

The sky is the limit! OpenDiscover is scalable to suit the extremely large document archives of up to 500TB. Performance is a non-issue – our advanced database indexing enables lightning-fast searches with minimal system load.


‘Google-Like’ Search Features

No training required – OpenDiscover is incredibly simple to use, and delivers a “Google-like” user experience. That means fast performance, visually efficient interface, and easy-to-read search results. Advanced search options are also available – click here to see available options.



Import From Physical Media

Scanned documents? Tape backups? No problems, OpenDiscover supports importing data from any and all physical media.


Import Online With SFTP

OpenDiscover supports secure online archiving and importing from anywhere in the world with our online archiving software using SFTP.


Dual Datacentre Replicated

Have complete peace of mind knowing that your archives are hosted in two separate secure datacentres in Australia. The primary datacentre is located in NSW, the secondary in WA.


Create ACL Groups to Control Data

Ensure that privacy between business units is maintained with Access Control Lists. Create groups and assign users to groups, to grant access permissions to folders and emails.


Fully Rebrandable

Fully integrate OpenDiscover with your organisations brandset and intranet by rebranding OpenDiscover.


Encrypted With a User Key

All OpenDiscover archived files are stored encrypted with a user key. When the user logs in this allows the decryption of files, however they are stored in an unreadable state for your security.


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